Why would there be any Hamas fighters left in Rafah?

Israel has given everyone weeks of warning about an upcoming battle in Rafah. Here’s my dumbest question of the week: Why would there be anyone left to fight the IDF in Rafah? After weeks of warnings, why haven’t fighters from the Islamic Resistance Movement (“Hamas”), UNRWA, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, etc. all left Gaza along with the reported 800,000 other people who’ve left (Al-Jazeera). There has been no news coverage of 800,000 people being screened at a checkpoint (and, even if there were a checkpoint how would an Israeli be able to discern a Hamas fighter from a “civilian” Palestinian (i.e., typically a supporter of Hamas and PIJ)).

CNN has covered the story, but doesn’t mention anyone being checked when leaving. In fact, it doesn’t look as though there would be any obstacle to bringing RPGs and rifles out as part of a family evacuation.

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One thought on “Why would there be any Hamas fighters left in Rafah?

  1. Perhaps it is slightly more honorable for those inclined to fight IDF soldiers rather than the worse option for Israel: launching rockets then hiding in buildings Israel refuses to level due to international pressure or whatnot. Even worse for Israel is if Hamas did nothing but wait for population of Gaza to be bigger than Israel.

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