Mask that won’t fog eyeglasses

Genetically defective friends: just in time for attending all of the parties for the one-year anniversary of “14 days to flatten the curve”, I found a mask that doesn’t fog up my glasses. It is the Honeywell dual layer mask. It sits off your mouth, which makes it kind of like breathing into a paper bag for those who are hyperventilating due to excitement from anticipating the next round of science-informed executive orders from Uncle Joe and state governors.

For max virtue points, here are pictures of me using the mask on a deserted Hilton Head beach with the wind blowing at 12 knots.

Like other masks, it presents a near-field out-of-focus obstruction to visibility. So I can’t recommend it for drivers or pilots.

The new mask has been “authorized by FDA for emergency use.” Presumably the “emergency” referred to is coronapanic and not the climate change crisis or the systemic racism public health crisis. The package goes on to note that there is one pathogen that this new mask hasn’t been tested against… coronavirus (“Not Tested against COVID-19”).

Finally, can we figure out how rich/elite a person is simply by asking those who aren’t health care professionals “How many hours per day do you wear a mask?” For most of the folks I know who enjoy a comfortable income, the answer is just a few minutes per day (walking into a restaurant, zipping into CVS, etc.).

Also from Hilton Head, a “halfway house”:

On Facebook, I captioned the above with “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promised criminal justice reform. They’ve been our rulers for less than a week and look at the halfway house that is already set up and running. #MorningInAmerica”. It was not well-received.

Inside the halfway house:

Departing from Hilton Head to Gainesville:


8 thoughts on “Mask that won’t fog eyeglasses

  1. You’re in luck! You may be genetically defective, but your need for corrective vision eyeglasses has been to your advantage.

    “People who wear glasses are three times LESS likely to catch Covid as they don’t rub their eyes as often, study reveals.”

    From one of the world’s most highly-regarded medical journals “in these times” – The Sun.

    So you’ve got the non-fogging mask that wasn’t tested against COVID which gives you the near field obstruction but you’re otherwise golden because you wear glasses. You are also not “poor and uneducated.”

    “The analysis also found poor and uneducated people are more likely to get the virus – partly because they don’t wear glasses as much.”

    Fortune presents gifts not according to the book!

    P.S. While I was in the hospital for a recent surgical procedure, the attending physician was wearing double-masks and a rather complicated eyeshield. Lesser staff members got by with one N95 type mask and hand sanitizer, although several of them wore eyeglasses, too.

    It’s good to see the halfway house in Hilton Head has a sense of humor about the people who need to rehab there. At least they’re not fooling themselves.

    • Oh, and I didn’t quite understand the urgency around the AP’s eyeshield, since all the patients in this facility must test negative for COVID in advance, prior to their appointments. He wasn’t taking any chances.

    • O/T Nice reference to Dead Can Dance. I’ve seen them twice in concert and have all their albums. I have tickets to see them here in Vancouver last May. It was rescheduled to this May. Probably won’t happen.

    • @randall g: Thanks, I’ve enjoyed their music for a long time, but not as long as some. I caught on to them with “The Serpents Egg” in 1988. I was wandering around waiting for something different to hear and that album hit me like a Mack truck, as it were. Just saw the cover photo, didn’t know ‘nuthin, and blammo. And then, of course, there’s always The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove.

      I like to listen to them on my Human Speakers:

      I have a pair of 88-41s that I built and DCD sound incredible through them. Huw Powell is a good person, also, if you ever want to build a pair of speakers.

  2. Mask-wearing fogging up my glasses has been a real problem; a recent trip to Target, entering the store from being out in the polar vortex, had me feeling produce and asking, “Is this an avocado?”

    The description for these masks says they can withstand multiple washes. Any idea how many? How often do you launder yours?

  3. What is this halfway house, one of Hilton Head Island, SC resorts or vacation rentals? If not it must be to further rehabilitate remaining inmates in tropical resort of Guantanamo.
    The most I wear mask is while skiing, it is a chore to take it off while skiing and put it back down in crowded lift departure area. So for hours daily.

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