Who wants to join me on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean? (about $1000 per person)

I’m going with a work colleague on a Royal Caribbean trip (on-board Internet is pretty good) departing February 6 from Fort Lauderdale. Who wants to join us?

You’ll get to visit a lot of interesting places, albeit briefly, and a basic room with all food included will cost less than if you ate three restaurant meals per day for the period covered (more like $1,500 per person for a room with a window). We can hang out at meals and talk about how to solve all of the world’s problems (like Davos, but with higher humidity). We’ll see the latest Panama Canal locks (read Path Between the Seas first!). Maybe in Colombia we’ll meet Hunter Biden. Like progressive Californians, we’ll demonstrate our commitment to bodily autonomy and human rights by boycotting Texas and visiting a country where abortion care for pregnant people is almost completely illegal.

(The rooms are usually shown with the two twin-ish beds pushed together to form a queen-ish-sized bed, but if you’re traveling with a friend and refusing to adhere to the 2SLGBTQQIA+ religion the cabin stewards will rearrange the room to separate the beds with a night table.)

Send me a private email if you’re interested in joining and we can coordinate!


11 thoughts on “Who wants to join me on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean? (about $1000 per person)

  1. From this itinerary it does not look like you will be traveling through the Panama Canal. Perhaps you will admire the locks from colon. I do not care about Black Lives Matters and the Jews control Hollywood.

    • Yes, we’ll see the locks! Going through the canal is slow and insanely expensive for the ship operator. I was in Panama about 20 years and the locks are interesting to see. The middle of the canal isn’t so interesting because it is just driving a boat through a lake.

    • Hah! Carnival can do it for a lot less. This is why the elite disdain cruising and the middle class people who take cruise vacations. I just checked the Carnival web site. They will sell an 11-day trip out of Brisbane, Australia for $479 per person plus taxes, fees, and port expenses of $159. Carnival is better for solo travelers. Royal Caribbean charges the same for 1 person or 2 in any given room. That same Carnival trip goes from $479+159 to $707+126 per person when occupancy of the room falls from 2 to 1.

    • Even in this case it comes down to $81 per day, which is obviously below cost. It just costs more to host, entertain and feed a person for a day on a ship. So somebody else is paying the difference. Why are they doing so? What is going to happen when they stop paying while the ship is in the middle of the Caribbean?

      Modern mysteries.

    • The alcohol drinkers are paying, bless their drunken hearts! I think the “unlimited drinks” package is $35/day and it costs almost nothing to make a margarita. Prices for a glass of wine are lower than in a lot of mainland restaurants, but the cruise line might be paying $4 for a bottle and then selling 4 drinks at $10 each. Booze makes everything profitable!

    • Coincidentally I am on Delta right now into Boston. Flight departed at 3 pm. People around me started drinking before we had pushed back. Flight attendant asks and I heard “white wine”
      just behind me and then an order for a mixed drink of some kind from another nearby Covid-carrying passenger. (I am in my double N95 of course.)

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