Public health experts: COVID-19 vaccines prevent transmission

Coronapanic revisionists have at least the following pillars of faith:

  • Florida was locked down
  • New York was never locked down (see the middle of this post)
  • No official ever promoted saliva-soaked cloth face rags to stop an aerosol virus; the peasants were always told to stay in the bunker or don an N95 respirator
  • Nobody ever said that COVID-19 vaccines prevented infection and transmission

Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, was not suspended by the Silicon Valley Righteous in August 2021 for saying that vaccines “do not reduce the spread of the virus” (Daily Mail).

America’s Ministry of Truth is not efficient, however. The New York City Covidcrats’ main web page still says “The best way to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.” (The only way that the “and those around you” could be true is if the Pfizer and Moderna shots prevent transmission.

There is a link in which the public health experts recommend that 6-month-old babies get boosted ASAP (“The vaccines will help your child develop immunity and provide them with protection against severe illness and death from COVID-19.”)


7 thoughts on “Public health experts: COVID-19 vaccines prevent transmission

  1. Be aware that Djokovic can endanger the U.S. again. The vaccine mandate for air travelers will be lifted, starting tomorrow.

    In a year they’ll claim that there has never been such a mandate.

  2. Meanwhile, in the socialist people’s republic of Canadastan, dear leader Justin Trudeau is ignoring all the learned covid science of the last 3 years. He’s preparing for an election with the following platform: mandatory vaccinations for inter-provincial travel, all government workers, and in all federally regulated businesses. It’s “to make sure our kids can safely return to school”.

    • Thanks for that link. “Vaccination is our best line of defence against COVID-19 and variants of concern. It not only protects those who are vaccinated but protects those who can’t get vaccinated, like young children.” says Canadian Science. Magical properties for the vaccines!

    • This is a potentially interesting area of research. We know the placebo effect can be powerful and can prevent and cure real diseases. The placebo effect usually comes from my taking a treatment that I believe will help me. Is it not also possible that someone else taking a treatment that I believe will help me can produce a placebo effect that actually does reduce my COVID-19 symptoms?

      That to me seems a possible, maybe even likely, mechanism for COVID-19 vaccinations to make others safer, despite it being clear now that for the purpose of preventing transmission, they are no better than a sugar pill.

      Of course, the placebo rate here is probably lower than the myocarditis rate in young people, but hey, they’re not claiming that things are better in net!

  3. all the covid talk has died down.. though there are still like 5% hardcore mask users still running around when I went to a conference in April.

    all those liberal friends of mine are back to normal life without masks although 6 months ago were rabid about the ‘rules’.

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